roger firestien

Roger Firestien, PhD, Publisher

Someone dipped Roger in the enthusiasm pool twice. You’ll love working with him for his big, fantastic personality, his way outside the box thinking, and the fact that he’ll always be in your corner with a cool glass of water.

cassandra ott

Cassandra Ott, Creative Director

Like a siren of the bookstore, the beautiful pages of your book will come courtesy of Cassi and her always-stunning vision, with the skills to match. She’ll bring your ideas to life!

heather lazickas

Heather Lazickas, Editor in Chief

Nicknamed ‘The Hammer,’ Heather’s here to make the writing easy, and the reading even easier. She can help you take big ideas and make them easy to understand. Officer of the GPD (Grammar Police Department)

sam insalaco

Sam Insalaco, The Internet

Need something online?
A book, perhaps? Sam will get you all squared away with the digital presence you’ll need to get your byline into readers’ carts.